MLRRobertson & Rhodes (R&R) produces stylish knitwear for babies and toddlers, lovingly handcrafted in the north-east of Scotland using only the finest yarns.

Why purchase from R&R?
– Exceptional quality natural yarns
– Soft and gentle fibres suitable for delicate skin
– Ethically knitted clothing
– Made in Britain
– Exquisite hats knitted from 100% baby alpaca wool
– Soft, luxurious, timeless designs
– Lovingly hand crafted
– Unique yet practical jumpers made from 100% anti-tickle merino wool

R&R is a mother and daughter partnership. All items are designed and created by Maggie who has been knitting for over five decades. Her daughter, Fiona, is running the marketing and sales in her spare time whilst looking after her infant twins!

Thank you for stopping by. We hope you enjoy our products as much as we enjoy making them.