Slow Fashion

Here at Robertson & Rhodes (R&R) we believe in slow fashion.

BretonSweaterFast fashion is simply unsustainable. We believe in a living wage and we believe in a fair price for fair work. We have no middle-men, no unnecessary mark-up and no one is suffering for our creations. We make with pride and with love, resulting in a premium quality product that’s both ‘heritage’ and ‘green’ without trying to be either. We just make them this way because it’s how these products are best made. Beautifully designed, built to last, built with love. Our garments have a skill and craftsmanship inherited through the generations and are created in (almost) the same way now as they were 100 years ago.

Once your baby has outgrown it’s R&R knit, we hope that you will pass it on to a sibling, cousin or friend! R&R knits are designed to be compatible with various seasons allowing your baby to wear a breathable merino layer on the beach in winter or on a crisp spring day up a monro (monro = Scottish mountain higher than 3000 feet).